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Mission Fields in Profile - United States

Some disturbing statistics: (courtesy of www.bimi.org )
Imagine a country where:
71% of the population is unconverted or nominally Christian.
1.6 million abortions are performed every year.
500 murders are committed every day.
60% of children under 16 years of age have never been to Sunday school.
7 out of 10 teenagers never darken the door of a church.
Innocent children going to school are gunned down by teenage criminals.
Every year more churches close their doors than open their doors.
Tragically, these statistics represent the United States, a country founded on Godly principles!  I hope that you are shocked by these facts.  Contact Bob Larson, the Assistant USA Director of Baptist International Missions, Inc. if you feel a burden for the United States and want to get involved.