Welcome to Greenbrier Baptist Church!
Friday, February 22, 2019
7939 Greenbrier Road, Madison, AL 35756

Church Contacts



Pastor - Ricky Lowery



Brother Ricky Lowery has served as Pastor of Greenbrier Baptist Church since May 2005. Brother Ricky grew up in the area and is very familiar with most of the people in Greenbrier area. 

He was ordained to preach the Gospel in July 1981 and has pastored two other churches in the area as a Bi-Vocational Pastor and was blessed with a long stay at each. Brother Rick is, “very thankful that God has counted him worthy to be in the ministry”. 

Brother Ricky believes in the reliability and infallibility of the Holy Scripture, which is the sole guide for salvation in Jesus Christ by grace through faith in His death, burial and resurrection, as well as Jesus' eminent return.




Sunday School Director                             Keith Dodd
Bus Ministry                                              Ben Guyse
Music Director:                                          Fred Pankey
Music Ministry:                                         Theresa
Youth/Sunday School Superintendent:      Keith Dodd
Sound System Engineer:                           Dustin
Children's Church:                                     Nicole
                                                                   Misty Haney
Deacons:                                                    Lannie Towe
Trustees:                                                    Ben Guyse
                                                                   Keith Dodd